Great Makeup Tips for Women Who Want to Reduce the Size of Their Nose

For some, physical appearance or beauty is very essential. They use this to earn money, make a name in their chosen industry and a lot more. But unfortunately, not all people were given the gift of good looks. Due to this, many undergo or seek professional that will help enhance their physical feature. There are thousands of beauty related surgeries that are offered today. You will choose if what type of enhancement you want; it can be lips, eyes, or nose. There are thousands of people specially women that undergo nose job surgery or also known as rhinoplasty.

But you might obviously know that this type of remedies can cause high risk to your safety and health. All you need to do is to explore other simple yet safer tricks for your nose to look a lot smaller. There are two types of ticks that are applicable in making your nose look smaller. First, you can work with your hairstyle that will help divert attention. Second, this can be achievable with the use of and proper knowledge on make-up. With the use of three-tone-foundation, brushes and sponge, you can contour and shade line around your nostrils and bridge to hide your nose real appearance. Things that you will need are mirror, cosmetic sponges, eye makeup, lipstick, power or foundation that matches skin tone, powder or foundation that is lighter than skin stone and powder or foundation that are darker than you tone. These types of foundation will help you make a perfect nose that matches your face.

Follow instructions below:

• Apply good quality of powder or foundation on your face. You can use mineral makeup since it makes your skin look healthier and provides an even coverage. Always use tone that matches the color of the skin for an original or real effect.

• For wide nose, you can minimize its appearance by means of using a vertical line trick of dark or light tones for a narrower looking nose. This can be done in two simple ways, you should try both of this for you to access if which matches you more. First, you can apply lighter makeup at the side of the nose, starting from the nose bridge, down to nostrils. Second, you can use darker shade at the side of your nose to have smaller effect. In blending your makeup, use brush into eye shadow and the rest of it. For blush, use brush close to nose to for it to appear thinner.

• For a wide or long nose, crooked or oddly shaped, the best thing you can do is to play on your other feature. Dark/light contouring trick tends in making our problem worse.

• For a long nose that will look shorter, all you have to do is to make use of color vertical lines. Put a lighter dot of foundation at the top of your nose bridge. After that, apply either darker or lighter shade under or tip base of your nose. Lastly, blend it accordingly to your make-up.

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