Ten Quick And Easy Ways To Style Short Hair

No matter which short hairstyle you are sporting, keep your short locks looking fresh and stylish with these ten quick ways on how to style short hair. Whatever your hairstyle and depending on the texture of your hair, you want to make sure you choose styling products that will work best for you to achieve the look you’re going for.

A tousled look works for any hairstyle, but especially well for styling short hair and is easy to achieve whether you have naturally curly hair or straight hair. Simply scrunch damp hair with your hands.

Creating curls for a more vintage look can be achieved with a curling iron or hot rollers. Once again, this look works great for curly or straight hair. Curl hair all over and finish off by running your fingers through your hair to create a soft look.

Buns are a great and an easy versatile way to style short hair. You can go classic with a tight bun or a modern messy bun. You can create many bun styles either on the side, at the nape of your neck, or a high bun. Shorter strands can be pinned back or left alone to fall naturally.

For a more retro look, try blow drying the ends of your hair out for a flip style. Secure the sides or bangs with a clip or barrette or use a funky headband.

How to style short hair for a more modern or punk look try a spike or mohawk. This hair style is easy to create if you have a pixie. After towel drying your hair apply a texturing product at your roots and blow dry in an upward motion. Complete this look with a holding spray.

A quick twist can work well for those busy rushed days. Start by twisting the hair from the left side of your ear tightly to slightly past the middle, secure with a bobby pin. With the remaining hair on the right twist over the top of the existing twist, bring it down under the twist and secure with a bobby pin.

If you’re sporting a pixie, and are trying to achieve a flirty look, curl your hair all over using a small curling iron. Apply your styling product a little at a time until you have your hair going in the direction you want.

We all love a braid. A side French braid can be easily accomplished to style short hair. Create a side part that is deep to one side. Beginning at the part work your way towards your temple. With a section of hair that is about an inch wide French braid long the hairline and once you reach the temple secure the braid with a barrette, bobby pin, or elastic band.

You may be surprised to know, just by parting your hair a different way or side sweeping your bangs can be a quick way to style your short hair. Close out your look with a finish styling product and you’re ready to go.

If all else fails and there is absolutely no time, don’t forget the old standby’s. Fashionable barrettes, bobby pins, and headbands, when strategically placed can give you’re short hair style a new look.

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