Tips On How To Get A Natural Makeup Look

Every woman aims for a certain appearance; be that classy, edgy, or sheik. Your wardrobe has to be exactly your style, down to your hair, and your makeup. Decades ago, during the 1980’s it was common to purposely show your makeup, with bold eye shadows, to hot pink lipsticks. Such is no longer the case, with females worldwide trying to achieve a natural makeup look.

Obtaining natural looking makeup is easier than you might imagine. A great rule of thumb is to start off with the less is more theory. If you apply dark red lips, it will be a challenge to get the stain back off of your lips if you change your mind. Go easy on the application process until you have reached the desired look you wanted.

For additional natural makeup tips, go with the correct tones and color palette that matches your skin type. Women with darker skin tones or olive skin can wear shades with dark orange undertones, creamy beiges, or peach colored blushes. Ladies with a fairer complexion need to stick to cooler shades that won’t come off too bold on a paler skin tone. You can also pair your look up with natural nail shades like light pinks, or peach shades.

Eyeliners can be the biggest mistake when seeking a natural makeup look. If you apply a dark black eyeliner to a fresh face of natural looking makeup, you will lose the baby face appearance you desire.

You can still highlight the eye with more subtle shades, such as browns for brown or green eyes. Or, you can utilize eye shadow on a soft tiny bristled brush to shade lightly around the eyes for a soft, more natural look. Avoid false eyelashes or glittery eye colors to sustain the natural look.

Other natural makeup tips are to use lip gloss versus a heavy matte finished lipstick. A gloss gives a dewy, youthful appearance. Steer clear of using a self-tanner on your skin as that will provide a fake, not so natural look. Earthy colors such as sage, burnt orange, and browns are great colors to wear for your wardrobe to complete your natural makeup look.

And finally, try to keep your look as fresh as possible. Don’t be the woman with painted on eyebrows, if you have thin eyebrows or none at all you can still achieve this look with eye shadow and makeup applicator brush to shape the appearance of what would normally be there in the form of hair. Try using brush strokes to make it look even more realistic. Many women have conquered the look of fake eyebrows so well that you can’t tell they aren’t real until you look very close-up at their faces.

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