7 Makeup Mistakes that Age You

Putting make up will make a great transformation on your beauty. Make up is very helpful not just in making you beautiful outside. It is very advantageous in portraying beauty that you can always show off. But then there are still some disadvantages that you may encounter in using any make up products out there.

Common mistakes are always there in outing make up. Sometimes it is the reason why women look older depending upon the application strategy of makeup. Here are the following makeup mistakes that age you and you are supposed to avoid:

• Putting too much Shimmer – putting too much shimmer will surely make your face older than your natural face. It is for the reason that too much shimmer all over the face can pick up those tiny lines on your face and it emphasizes everything in your face. Applying highlighter light under brows, on the cheek bones, and in to the closer areas of the eyes is ideal. Just remember that it should not be all over your face.

• Applying powder on the fine lines – this is another common mistake that women are not aware of. They usually put powder on the top of their fines lines which should be avoided by women. When applying powder on the top of the fine lines, it is the result of getting older looks.

• Applying heavy concealer under eye –this is another mistake for applying makeup on your face that age you. Once you put heavy under eye concealer, the tendency is that you will really look older. In avoiding this, you should apply thin layer of concealer under your eyes.

• Applying heavy foundation – it is said that once you have applied too much foundation all over your face, you can actually add 10 years on your real age. As you can observe, there are these professionals who are using not too much cosmetic to the face of the person whom they are serving. It is also a fact that men prefer women to have natural looks with lighter make up.

• Appling too much Natural foundation – it is similar into applying very heavy foundation. There are so many things that you have to consider in applying natural foundation though it is good to use these natural foundation it is still better if you have your to correct the things in your face which needs improvement.

• Too much matte lipstick – matte lipstick has the power to emphasize all of the lines on your lips. Because of that you may look older than the age you originally have. Avoiding this problem is easy if you will put a clear lip gloss on the top of your matte lipstick because of that your lips will look smoother and you will look younger.

• Over applying of mascara – there are also some instances wherein mascara can truly add your actual age. It is also important to avoid applying mascara on the lower lashes because it is also one of the reasons why your face can look older.

Having a natural beauty is really good but there is nothing wrong also if you are going to put light makeup in order to enhance your beauty. You just have to take note of these given makeup mistakes that age you. If you achieve to avoid such things, you will surely look beautiful and attractive to the eyes of every person who can see you.

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