How To Make Your Nails Grow Faster

A well-manicured hand is a crucial part to looking your best. The biggest issue most women face is how to make your nails grow faster, and keep them healthy and strong. There are a few tips on how to grow your nails, and if you keep at it all will start to look amazing.

First, you are what you eat. If you put nothing but junk foods and sugar into your body, you will begin to see a difference in your skin, hair, nails, and fatigue. Your nails can tell a lot about how well you take care of yourself. You know when you see someone with dirty nails that have chipped polish on them you don’t necessarily consider them to be someone that cares well for themselves. Consuming a healthy amount of protein everyday will aide in how to grow your nails.

Secondly, you cannot continue to utilize your nails as replacements for scissors. If you have to open a wrapper, pop open a soda can, or rip open a letter that came in the mail; it is best to use the tools designed for those purposes versus ruining your long nails be using them as working tools.

Thirdly, is genetics- if your parents suffered from brittle nails regardless of their own daily life routines, you as well may suffer from them. Just as acne, body shapes, and your height is passed down through the generations, good or bad nail genes are too.

How to grow your nails when this is the case? Use the slew of over the counter products from your local drugstore to assist in building strong nails. There are polishes and ointments that one can place directly on the nails to repair and restore your nails.

When aiming on how to make nails grow faster, be careful of chipping away what nature intended on you keeping. It’s not wise to cut your cuticles or use nail files as saws on your hands. Some women file their nails too short, or they saw over the nail bed with a file and it ruins what good proteins were already living in the nails.

Some also use vitamins for help in how to make your nails grow fast. Prenatal vitamins for women often result in strong, long nails. You can also use Vaseline or lotion and rub it on the nails, hands, and cuticles every day to maintain overall health of the entire hands.

The best tip on how to make nails grow fast is to drink plenty of water and get adequate sleep. When you start you to lose these crucial needs for a healthy mind and body, your nails are the first thing to show.

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