Make Small Eyes Look Bigger with Makeup

Make Small Eyes Look Bigger with Makeup

Many women struggle to find the right makeup combination that lets their eyes look their best. Finding makeup for small eyes can be quite a chore. If you want to emphasize your eyes, read on for tips on how to make eyes bigger without having to significantly alter your daily makeup routine.

1. Change Your Concealer Shade

When you apply a darker concealer to your eyes, you are actively allowing them to appear even smaller. When choosing makeup for small eyes, lighter, warmer tones work best. The lighter tones will work to correct any overly dark tones.

2. Use Your Eyelash Curler

One of the most forgotten utensils in every woman’s makeup toolbox, the eyelash curler can work wonders for those searching for ways how to make eyes bigger. Taking those extra few moments to curl those eyelashes results in eyes that appear to be far more wide open. Straight eyelashes cast shadows that make eyes seem smaller.

3. Mascara Is Your Friend

The upper and lower eyelashes benefit greatly from the application of mascara, giving them the wide, doe look women crave. By adding an additional coat to the lop, the lashes become even more flirty. One last swipe of mascara to the upper lash’s center serves to pull the eyes upward.

4. Switch Up Your Colors

The variety of pencil lining color options available is a boon to women seeking makeup for small eyes. There’s no need to stick to basic blacks and browns. A navy blue or silvery pencil liner will flatter the eyes and leave them looking wide and bright. Or perhaps a lavender color will work best.

5. No More Dark Waterlines

While filling in the appointed area with a dark waterline may help women achieve a sultry, smoky look, it’s also a good way to make your eyes look significantly smaller. Instead of using dark colors for your waterline, use a white pencil. This instantly provides the eyes with a more bright and open look.

6. Don’t Ignore Your Crease

A timeless classic, the addition of some light brown shadow to the eye’s crease has long been a go-to for those seeking makeup for small eyes. It is recommended that women use a fluffier brush during this application so that the shadow is spread evenly from the outside corner into the center.

7. Use Highlighter To Your Advantage

Ever wonder why those models on Instagram are seemingly incapable of taking a poor photo? It’s because they are masters of utilizing highlighter and making it work for them. A light dab of highlighter on the eyelid centers, eye corners and just underneath your brow bones instantaneously gives your face the bright eyed, bushy tailed look you desire.

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