How To Apply Blush Effectively

Applying blush is usually a staple part of many women’s makeup routines. Knowing what kinds of blush to use can drastically improve the results you are looking for. When choosing blush, be aware of your skin type and color. Oily skin does best with powder and gel blushes, while normal or dry skin works well with creams. More mature skin also tends to do best with cream, since it blends easily and looks natural. Color choice is also very important to consider. People with light skin tend to need smoother, lighter colors while dark skin thrives with bright colors. For example, fair skin with rose colors, olive skin with peach colors, and dark skin with red colors are all great matches. It is also important to go the extra mile when choosing applicators. Although some people may use cotton balls or smaller, cheaper brushes to apply blush, it is always better to spend the extra money for a blush brush, as it gives you the best results and works the best on skin. Be sure not to use your blush brush for powder, and vice versa. Cleaning your brush with baby wipes will also keep them from building up dangerous bacteria that you can transfer to your skin.

Now that you have picked out your blush of choice, it’s time to apply it. Be sure to do so after you have put on all your other makeup. Start with only a little blush and work your way up to more as needed. It is important to know where to apply blush for the best results. The goal is to find the apple of your cheeks, or the round rises where you flush naturally. You can find this most easily by smiling. Apply the blush from your cheek near your nose to the side of your face near your ear in straight lines. Going in circles or back and forth can damage your brush and streak your makeup. For cream or gel blush, dab one dot on the apple of the cheek and two on the cheekbone, and then blend them to your hairline. Dust off or wipe off any excess to avoid overly bright cheeks.

After the initial application, it is time to blend. Use a clean brush (or for creams, use a finger) to blend the blush along your cheekbone. When blending, it is important to even out the color to avoid crossing the line from tasteful blush application to clown costuming. After you have blended well, brush downward so that facial hairs will lie smoothly instead of poking up. When you have finished application and blending, dust on translucent powder. You are now finished, and ready to enjoy your work.

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