10 Natural, Homemade Face Mask Recipes For All Skin Types

In order to properly take care of the face is not enough to be used daily moisturizer. You should also use face masks. Masks are fast and that’s why we love them, taking into account the various cosmetic products. Just a few minutes to make our skin look fresher gained, more even tone and became smoother to the touch look.

In addition, home face masks are very easy, you can prepare yourself with little effort and, most importantly, cheap.

We present 10 recipes for homemade face masks. Do not be afraid to try! Have fun!

1. Apple Cider Vinegar At-Home Skin Peel – Homemade apple cider vinegar facial peel that dissolves dead skin cells.

image via helloglow.co

2. Dried Botanical Facial Mask – You will love the way your skin feels smoother and softer after using it.

image via paulaparrish.blogspot.com

3. Cucumber Face Mask Recipe For Acne – This cucumber face mask can be used on acne prone skin and it also treats sun burns very effectively. Regular use also fades acne scars!

image via wildturmeric.net

4. Pumpkin Spice and Honey Face Mask – Smells delicious and great for combination skin!

image via tattooedmartha.com

5. Oatmeal Oil Buster Face Mask – If you have oily skin use this four ingredient oil buster face mask to get rid of that excess oil your skin has been carrying around!

image via savynaturalista.com

6. Natural Blackhead Removal Mask – Quick and Effective Natural Blackhead Removal Mask/Scrub. Has only 2 Ingredients and it works wonders for Men and Women!

image via sproutinghealthyhabits.com

7. Coffee Mud Mask – Coffee Mud Mask that only requires three ingredients to keep your skin nice and tight this summer!

image via savynaturalista.com

8. Super Moisturizing Aloe Avocado Face Mask – Only 3 natural ingredients!

image via lorimerkitchen.com

9. Oatmeal Honey Face Scrub – Only 3 ingredients in this amazing oatmeal honey face scrub that exfoliates, moisturizes and soothes dry and irritated winter skin.

image via dabblesandbabbles.com

10. Pampering Spa Facial Mask – Check out this easy diy face mask made from avocado, banana, and honey.

image via mysocalledcraftylife.com

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