Home Remedies for Dry Brittle Nails

Every woman wants to maintain a healthy, clean and beautiful nails. Nails also symbolize beauty for women. But then there are some cases wherein nails can also become brittle. There are many reasons why people can get brittle nails. But then, there are already effective ways in order to cure brittle nails. Actually, home remedies are what most of the people are using.

If you have brittle nails, here are the following home remedies that will serve as the solution for your nail problems:

Vitamin E and Tea Tree Oil – A drop of vitamin E and a teaspoon of Tea Tree Oil will not just help you to get a strong nails but it will become healthier if you use this as the solution for your brittle fingernails. It will also prevent fungus that may come into your nails and other nail infections.

SEA Salt Treatment – Brittle dry nails will be solved with the use of combination of the sea salt and two drops of the oil or lemon juice wheat germ oil, myrrh oil, and frankincense oil. Put all of these ingredients into the warm water in a bowl and soak both or your hands. Keep your hands soaked into the bowl for ten to fifteen minutes.

Massage – It is another good way for solving the brittle dry nails of yours. You may choose any of the natural ingredients that you want to choose and make sure to massage it well. Because of this, the blood flow will be good. This is one of the reasons why you can have stronger and healthier nails.

Combination of Lemon Juice and Olive Oil – These two combinations are really good for strengthening brittle fingernails. These can be used for twice a week of usage. Massage it into your nails until it soaked well. You will see the result after doing these every week or days depending upon the days that you have time in doing this.

Oil Night Vitamin E Treatment – This is one of the best ingredients for making the brittle dry nails to become stronger. By simply using it with massage and with some drops of this oil will turn your nails to be far different from before. In doing this, it is advised if you are going to use a manicure gloves for a good and faster results. But then remind yourself that this will not take you once to make your brittle fingernails as stronger and healthier so fast. It will also take your time and patience to see for better results.

Beer Soak – beer soak is considered as an effective way of making the brittle fingernails stronger and healthier. The combination of beer apple cider vinegar and olive oil will show you the best result. Just soak your nails into the mixture of these three and you have already the chance of resolving the problem for your brittle dry nails.

Lemon Juice – by simply swiping the lemon juice and continuously massage it into your nail for a fast result for the brittleness of the nails you have. As easy as that and you have already some visible result which you could tell others too.

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