How To Get Rid Of Gel Nail Polish At Home – step by step tutorial

Gel nail polish is a very durable lacquer and if you need it removed, you might not want to spend the extra money to get that done at a nail salon. Instead, here’s how to remove it right at your own home using just a few simple supplies and a common household product. Follow these ten simple steps and you’ll save both time and money.

Supplies you’ll need:

*acetone nail polish remover

*nail file and buffer

*aluminum foil

*cotton balls

*one orange stick

Step 1: First, make a properly set up station that’s clean to help you stay organized. Removing nail polish shouldn’t result in an unnecessary mess, so make sure there’s no furniture or clothing nearby that could get ruined, especially those containing acetone. So it’s probably best to do this in the bathroom or the kitchen. Anywhere that has a sink and decent room on the counter.

Step 2: In the area you’re using, place down an empty cereal box and near a sink if it’s convenient. If you don’t have one, use a paper mat. Something that can be thrown away or washed off easily.

Step 3: Next, you’ll want to use strips of aluminum foil to assist you in your gel nail polish remover plan. It’s best to have the foil made into strips prior to setting up your station.

Step 4: Gather up a bottle of acetone nail polish remover, some cotton balls, a nail file, your strips of aluminum foil, and an orange wood stick. You can easily find all of these supplies at your local drugstore in the cosmetics section.

Step 5: Using a nail file, you’ll want to scuff the surface of each of your nails. Doing this will help the acetone penetrate through the coat of the nail polish.

Step 6: When removing gel nail polish, you need to make the polish much looser, making it lose its firmness. Take one cotton ball and soak it in the acetone, placing it directly on to your nail. Keep the cotton ball in place by wrapping your nail with a strip of aluminum foil. The foil also produces more heat which helps remove the polish.

Step 7: Apply this step to each of your nails, then slide the foil off each individual finger after they’ve soaked for about twenty minutes.

Step 8: Using your orange wooden stick, scrape off the gel nail polish. If it doesn’t remove easily, just leaving your nail to soak for longer. It should come off fairly easily once you’ve done that.

Step 9: Use your nail buffer to buff your nails once the removal process has been completed.

Step 10: Wash your hands with soap and lukewarm water, removing any loose nail polish that might still be on your fingers and hands.

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