20 Christmas Nail Art Ideas

20 Christmas Nail Art Ideas

You want to get your nails ready for the holiday season? Are you looking for some cute and festive Christmas nail art designs? Santa’s hat, Christmas tree, snowflakes, glitter – there are so many pretty nail designs that are suitable for the occasion. Check out these amazing Christmas nail art ideas that will put your nails (and therefore you) in the Christmas spirit.

1. Moon & Stars

Moon and Starssource

2. Christmas Trees

Christmas Treessource

3. Christmas Lights

christmas lightssource

4. Red and Green Glitter

Red and Green Glittersource

5. Candy Cane French Tip Nails

Candy Cane French Tip Nailssource

6. Delicate Grey and White Snowflakes

Delicate Grey and White Snowflakessource

7. Santa Hats

Santa Hatssource

8. Gift Box Nails

gift box nailssource

9. Mix’n’Match Christmas Nail Art

Mix’n’Match Christmas Nail Artsource

10. Simple Snowflakes

Simple Snowflakessource

11. Candy Canes

Candy Canessource

12. Reindeer Nail Art

Reindeer Nail Artsource

13. Santa’s Belt

Santa's Beltsource

14. Christmas Pudding Nails

Christmas Pudding Nailssource

15. Icicles Nail Art

Icicles Nail Artsource

16. Christmas Sweater Nail Art

Christmas Sweater Nail Artsource

17. Winter Snowman Nail Art

Winter Snowman Nail Artsource

18. Festive Gradient

Festive Gradientsource

19. Wrapping Paper Nails

Wrapping Paper Nailssource

20. Frozen Nails

Frozen Nailssource

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