Best Way to Protect your Hair While Sleeping

The hair is very important as this is our crowning glory. If you have a soft, smooth and radiant hair, it will surely add to your beauty and freshness. This is essential especially for women. When you wake up and start combing or brushing your hair and starts to fall will surely make you feel nervous and irritated. This is perhaps you didn’t able to protect your hair while you are sleeping.

It is not common to lose a number of hair strands everyday especially if it reaches over 200 strands, which can indicate that your hair is badly damage. Apart from the hair chemicals like harsh shampoos, hair creams, hair treatments and the environment, not properly protecting your hair before sleeping is definitely one of the main reason why it happen.

Breakage can happen for various reasons and one of this is on how you sleep. This is one of the common mistakes of most people because they don’t know the fact that sleeping is one of the main reasons why this happens.

As most of the people are tossing and turning while sleeping, sleeping with ponytails or rollers is definitely not the best thing for you to do.

Before you sleep, do not ponytail your hair because it will tend to put more stress on your hair. The elastic or rubber bands can surely cause a bad breakage when tacking and putting them on. The breakage that it can cause will damage the hair more.

It is a fact that most women tend to ponytail their hair because they are not comfortable with it. Some women also wears their rollers because they don’t have the time to curl when the morning comes but the tension plus the tossing or turning can surely gives stress to the hair causing hair damage, breakage and hair fall.

In order to protect your hair while sleeping, it would be best to wrap your hair with satin or silk scarp or using a pillowcase with satin or silk material. This is an imperative way to protect the hair from the damage while sleeping because these materials does not cause any stress or breakage to the hair.

When wrapping your hair, do not use a cotton scarp for the reason that cotton tends to pull and grab the hair that can cause a terrible breakage. If your hair have had procedure like perms, highlights or relaxers or you hair is naturally dry then you need to sleep with satin pillows and use satin or silk scarves to wrap the hair.

Hair breakage can surely make your hair look terrible, so to protect your hair, one effective way is by protecting your hair while sleeping. This is an imperative way for you to be able to have the best chance to protect and care your hair. It is not too late yet and sleeping with the right tips to protect the hair is definitely the best thing for you to do.

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