Beauty Trends for Autumn/Winter 2014

The fashion and beauty sector is always bringing new trends, and the autumn as well as the winter season of 2014 is no different. This time though, the major beneficiaries from a beauty standpoint are the eyes, but there are also some beautiful hair trends that can be applied during these two seasons as well.

First of all, it seems that the light and shade eyeshadows are making a major comeback, and thus every major artists started reusing them. Thanks to shading, illuminating and adding some amazing contours, women get the opportunity to showcase their natural beauty instead of using a lot of make-up.

Another beauty trend that seems to catch up a lot is the lash effect. This is great for women of all ages, especially the young ones that use mascara, as thanks to it they have the opportunity to shine. The longer lashes showcase the beauty of the eyes and also bring in front the face.

Nevertheless, not only facial beauty is essential during the autumn and winter of 2014, so is the hair. This is why many stylists feel that plaits, or cornrows like those that are known, bring the desired style for girls and women with an urban lifestyle and look.

Another trend comes in the form of the off-duty ballerinas, which means that both the hair and eyes are recreated to fit the image of a ballerina during a concert. The hair style is an exquisite one and maybe the best thing about it is that it also encourages movement and it stays the way you place it without any adjacent holders.

Moreover, a neat trend is the color flash, which implies that you add some blue eye make-up then compliment it with some wonderful shades comprised out of cobalt, azure and sapphire. You can use this stellar look when appearing at events or when you want to make an impression, so it’s perfect for the holidays.

Yet another trend is called In the Gang, which requires you to have a straight hair as well as some kohl-lined eyes that bring in front once more the beautiful and wonderful color of your eyes.

However, not all trends for the cold season are all about having a glamorous look. The Sports Luxe trend initiated by some designers sports on the minimalist look, bringing a normal hair, but it does add up a little glow on the skin and some stunning brows as well in order to form a natural, yet slightly modified look.

In conclusion, these are the best and most widely encountered beauty trends of autumn and winter 2014. All of them are very interesting and well suited for the cold season, yet they still provide you with that wonderful look that you want in order to grab the people’s eyes. Be confident and try to use them in order to get the best results!

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