10 DIY Natural Hand & Body Creams

Moisturized hands give a feeling of comfort and look really beautiful. Well cared hands should be regularly moistened to well presented and served us as long as possible. If You having problems finding a cream that moisturizes your hands properly and meets your needs and expectations, try offered by us creams. Thanks to the natural ingredients with highly moisturizing you will never complain about inadequate hydration of the skin hand. Creams can also be used to a moisturizing to the whole body.

Homemade lime hand cream. Recipe

DIY Lavender Hand & Body Cream. Recipe

Natural Patchouli & Fir Needle Homemade Hand Cream. Recipe

Vanilla Lime Handcream. Recipe

DIY Natural Chocolate Rose Hand and Body Cream. Recipe

Orange and Vanilla Hand Cream. Recipe

Lemon Cream Body Butter. Recipe

Hand Creme With Oils And Vitamins. Recipe

Homemade herbal hand cream. Recipe

Orange and beeswax hand cream. Recipe

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